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Save hundreds of dollars in lawyer’s fees. Pass a simple questionnaire to complete your divorce forms. Make unlimited updates at any time!

Save hundreds of dollars in lawyer’s fees. Pass a simple questionnaire to complete your divorce forms. Make unlimited updates at any time!


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We Make Divorce Affordable

Our company has been successfully helping couples to divorce for years now. We offer fixed-fee uncontested divorce packages, and choose appropriate forms based on each individual case. So, you will only have to pay a fixed amount of $139 with no surcharges to get the necessary paperwork. Minimize the cost of divorce in NJ with our cheap and quick divorce solution!


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Choose an Option That’s Right for You

In order to get a divorce, spouses often spend a fortune on a lawyers’ fees. In New Jersey, an hourly rate of a lawyer ranges between $100 and $300. This pushes a lot of couples to look for a cheaper alternative. Luckily, if your divorce is uncontested, you have plenty.

For instance, with our service, you will be able to get all your paperwork for only $139. If you cannot pay the whole sum at once, we will gladly customize a payment plan for you. Here is what we offer:

Our Services


Online Divorce

Price: $139

Full set of no-fault, uncontested divorce forms chosen and filled out based on your information. Filing instructions are added for free.


Installment Plan

Price: Negotiable
  • Choose the payment dates yourself.
  • Decide on the suitable installment sizes for each payment.
  • Get access to the questionnaire after the first payment.


Price: Free

Download your forms from your account.


Standard Shipping

Price: $45

Get the forms delivered to your door in 5-6 business days.


Express Shipping

Price: $70

Paperwork delivery to your address in just 1-2 business days.

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Preparing New Jersey Divorce Forms Online

One of the crucial steps of uncontested divorce in NJ is finding and filling out the paperwork. However, it’s an almost impossible task to complete successfully without any legal background. This pushes a lot of spouses to hire lawyers who can choose the right forms and help the divorcees fill them out. However, with a service for online divorce in NJ, they can do it just as efficiently for a much lower price.

Our company can prepare the documents you need to file for divorce quickly and at the best price. All you have to do is register on our website, complete a detailed questionnaire, and get your printable divorce forms. You will be guided by the hints to easily understand the questions and will receive instructions on how to file your papers once you’re done. We guarantee that our forms are up-to-date and court-approved, and with the filing guide, you will finalize your marriage dissolution in record time. Filing for divorce in New Jersey has never been easier!

Quick divorce

Spend only 20 minutes on our simple questionnaire and get your paperwork in only 5 days!

Easy divorce

All you need to do is register, fill out the questionnaire, and download your forms

Low-cost divorce

There is no need to spend $10,000 on an attorney when you can pay $139 to get legal forms that can be filed right away.

Steps for Getting a Divorce in NJ Without a Lawyer​

Starting a divorce in NJ without a lawyer is a great option for couples in a full agreement as it helps them save money and reduce the stress often associated with involving a third person in the process. Here are the basic steps you need to take:

  1. The divorce process usually begins with filing a Complaint for Divorce. Before that, you have to make sure that you meet the residency requirements of the state and have all the forms ready.
  2.  Once your paperwork is completed, you must file a Complaint for Divorce and other paperswith the court of the county you lived in when you separated.
  3. After that, you have to serve your spouse. In NJ, you can arrange theservice by the local sheriff or a process server. Your spouse then has to acknowledge that they received the papers.
  4. When all these stages are completed, you can contact the court clerk and schedule the final hearing.

As you can see, getting a divorce in NJ without legal assistance is not only possible but also pretty simple. However, this process is far from quick and easy when you do it completely on your own. The first and biggest obstacle you may face is choosing and preparing paperwork, which is extremely difficult when you do not possess solid legal knowledge. That is why, nowadays, many couples prefer working with online divorce companies instead of going for a full-on do-it-yourself divorce.

Court Costs

A divorce in NJ will cost you around $300-$325 depending on your county and whether you have children. This is the filing fee that you will have to pay when giving your paperwork to the court clerk. There will be a few additional fees, such as the one for making copies. In case you experience financial hardships, you can file a Request for Waiver of Fees to ask for relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need an average of 30 minutes to complete our questionnaire. When it comes to the divorce, the whole process will take around 2 months if it is uncontested. Otherwise, it might take anywhere up to a year or more.

Yes, all the forms prepared by our service are legal and court-approved.

If you and your spouse have agreed on important matters such as child custody and support, property division, and alimony, and there were no instances of abuse, you do not need a lawyer and can use our service to get help with the divorce forms. Additionally, you will be able to represent yourself in court using our simple guide. 

Sure! You can alter your answers if you believe you have made a mistake or changed your mind about child support amount, property division, etc.

Our service has a strict Privacy Policy and we never disclose clients’ personal information to any third party.

Yes, we also offer our service to couples with children and provide the necessary documents for such cases.

Here is a list of basic documents you need to file in NJ. However, please mind that you may need more forms depending on your specific case:

  • Complaint for Divorce
  • Certification of Insurance
  • Filing Letter to Court
  • Consent Order
  • Confidential Litigant Information Sheet
  • Summons


What Clients Are Saying

“I have been trying to collect and file all of the forms myself and failed to do that. Thanks to these guys I have finally initiated and completed my divorce and I can’t say it was a piece of cake, but easier than I supposed.”

Joseph Harmon

“Really simple and intuitive! I was afraid that I can’t have a divorce without a lawyer as I am literally dumb in all the legal words and processes, still with a help of this service I actually did that! Thank you! The forms were really easy to file and specifically for my situation.”

Gary Baker

“I used this service when my marriage became a wreck. My ex was the one who never cared and when I decided to get divorced he said that I should take care of that if I want a divorce. Being a wife I worked part-time and I definitely couldn’t afford a lawyer and that’s where this service came in hand! I didn’t regret I used it!”

Teresa Myrick

“Probably one of the easiest ways to prepare divorce forms without hiring a lawyer. Excellent service and great client support!"

Annie Bohannon